María Consuelo del Moral Ávila was born in Granada in 1970. She is a Landscape Architect by the University of Seville. Furthermore, she got certified in Pedagogical Aptitude Course, has a Master’s Degree in Urbanism and a PH.D. from the University of Granada.

In addition, she is an Adjunct Research Professor at the Department of Architecture and Urban Construction at UGR (University of Granada) and a Lecturer at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Granada.

Since the beginning of 2016, she has been Director of the Area of Universal Accessibility which belongs to the Secretariat for inclusion and diversity at the Vice-Rectorate of Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Equality of the University of Granada.

On different occasions, she stayed abroad teaching and doing research, as in the Centro de Investigación de Barreras Arquitectónicas y Urbanísticas (Research Centre of Sustainable Development and Renovation of Architecture and Urbanism) within the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, CIBAUT-COPROMA (Centro de Investigación de Barreras Arquitectónicas, Urbanísticas y en el Transporte, Research Centre of Architectural and Urbanistic and transport barriers); European Commission’s Leonardo da Vinci Programme (2008-2010), teaching and assisting at the Autonomous Community of Andalusia regarding the project “Design for All” of the ENSA-network, Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Stockholm and Hällefors (Sweden).

Furthermore, she is an author and co-author of scientific articles published in high-impact magazines, books and chapters of books and papers of International Congresses, dealing with issues such as construction, rehabilitation, urbanistic accessibility, gender equality and teaching innovations.

In addition, she conducts different lines of research that regard issues related to the areas such as accessibility of physical environment, anti-seismic and sustainable construction, urbanism and real estate evaluation.

She was also coordinator of the Seminar for the implementation of the universal accessibility in qualification of architecture in Spain.

She is also collaborating on different contracts and research projects on the national and international level: RDI Project known as “De la vivienda accesible a la vivienda sostenible: esencia del ajuste razonable”, VIVable, as a principal researcher, developed between 2013-2015; International RDI Project of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science titled “PATRAC: Patrimonio Accesible, por una Cultura sin barreras”, developed between 2008-2010; Research Project “Sistemas de información y señalización en hospitales públicos para personas con discapacidad y carencias” by Andalusian Health Service, the Spanish Ministry of Health.

J. A., developed in 2006; Research Contract “Sobre los diferentes modelos de pasos de peatones pavimentados con piedra natural” by the ONCE Foundation and Business-University of Granada General Foundation, developed between 2011-2012; Research Contract for the elaboration of “Guía de Accesibilidad de la Universidad de Granada, 2005-2006”, Vice-Rectorate of Public Infrastructure and Facilities of the University of Granada, developed in 2006.

In addition, she received different recognitions and prizes for her professional work as a teacher and a researcher: Award FRATER 2000; Award FEDERACIÓN PROVINCIAL DE MINUSVÁLIDOS FÍSICOS DE GRANADA 2001; Award FAAM DE ORO, nomination for the Award “GALLEGO Y BURÍN” for the best urbanistic work for the provincial plan of accessibility of Granada, first phase, 2002;Andalusian Award for Good Practices regarding the attention to People with Disabilities (PREMIO ANDALUZ A LAS BUENAS PRÁCTICAS EN LA ATENCIÓN A LAS PERSONAS CON DISCAPACIDAD), 2015, in the frame of Promotion of the Universal Accessibility and Inclusive Design within the RDI Project “VIVable”; Award of 13th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism, 2016,within the RDI Project “VIVable”.